Certified Master Desire Life Coach
Yoga Therapist
Senior Lecturer
Knowledge Business Broker

Ann Justi is a certified master desire life coach ( specializing in designing relationships, desired lifestyles, and finding your true identity. 

She is also a yoga therapist ( helping people with mental health issues and physical limitations. 

She has a master’s degree, was in the IT industry for over 30 years, is CIO for The Deck Tailor (a small entertainment business) and is a Knowledge Business Broker. 

She has been a yoga therapist for over 10 years and a life coach for 4 years. 

She holds HiveMind - CoachingBiz, a weekly mastermind and thread for coaches. 

She is a contributing author for the upcoming book “Defining Moments: Stories of Survival: Real People Solving Real Problems” by Melanie Warner and Amber Torres. 
She frequently speaks on living your desired life.


I highly recommend Ann Justi for life coaching and desire coaching. I worked with her to gain clarity on an issue that had been troubling me for some time. After just one session, I became clear about what was important to me, and what course I wanted to take. She has a real talent for asking the right questions and getting to the heart of the issue. Her kindness and generosity of spirit made the coaching experience a very pleasant one, creating an atmosphere of trust and compassion. She has a real gift for the work!
Kim G.  

Ann is a coach extraordinaire. She listens with sensitivity and then provides insights and knowledge. Her knowledge and experience is so deep. I think my journey related to my desires and getting clarity and focus was enhanced by my coaching sessions with Ann. So grateful for her guidance.

Ann is a very perceptive and compassionate coach. She’s coached me solo and my relationship. She listens thoroughly and not afraid to tell me the hard truth because she wanted the best for me. She understood and saw what I couldn’t imagine and see for myself. Ann is very encouraging and goes above and beyond for her clients.  

I am so pleased with the conversation Ann and I shared. Ann got to the root of my desire issue and helped bring my true desire (or the one I actually needed help with) to the surface. She suggested several techniques for manifesting my desires and recommended several books that may help me achieve my goals. More than anything, she listened to what I was saying, not simply to respond but to understand. Ann was very easy to talk to. Her approach to giving feedback/reflections on what I said was very respectful, kind and gentle. I will recommend Ann to everyone I know. She is intuitive and warm. I am so grateful for Ann's advice and for her open listening ears. I look forward to more of Ann's desire coaching in the future. 
Sarah S.



Life coach.
Success Coach
Author and Speaker

Gretchen Jacobs is well-known as being a leading life coach, success coach, entrepreneur, author and speaker. Based out of Horseheads, NY, Gretchen provides solutions to overcome depression, loneliness, overwhelm, chaos and gain control of your life and your biggest problems (Let me guess, your biggest headache is…EVERYTHING, am I right? Give me a hell yeah!).
Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror wondering how you got there? What the heck is happening? I thought I would be in a much different place by this time in my life. Help. I try different things and nothing works.
Several years ago, Gretchen found herself there. She was depressed, lonely (even though she was married with her two awesome boys), doubting her life path (even though she had a great career and looked on the outside that she was living the “ideal”) and feeling very lost and out of control.
You will learn an easy 5-step system that will solve all your biggest headaches! YOU will transform your life from depression and chaos to purpose and living your dream life. You will learn who you really are, who you really want to be, what kind of person you want to be and what type of relationships you want. All of that with 5 easy steps.
Are you tired of being depressed and thinking where you are now is a life sentence or even worse, you keep going downhill? Are you tired of waking up and dreading your day before you place even one foot on the ground? Are you tired of feeling out of control? Have you ever felt like you got the short end of the deal when it comes to life, that others just got lucky or have it all?
Work with Gretchen to gain the system and skills to turn all of that around! The best part is that Gretchen works remotely, so you can join her anywhere! Meetings can be in your pajamas, in your car, outside on a pic nic bench, wherever you are comfortable, that’s where we go!
If you think you’d like to coach with Gretchen, contact her by email to set up a phone conversation. In your session, you’ll talk about your goals and how you can reach them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun. If I Gretchen can help you further, she’ll tell you, but there’s no pressure.


“I used to hate coming to work. Hated my job, hated the people I work with and felt like everyone was out to get me. In one brief 15-minute session with Gretchen, she totally changed the way I think about work. Now I love coming to work! I love my job again! Thanks to Gretchen” 
 Sally D. 
"Working with Gretchen Saved my life. I was depressed, lonely, unmotivated, out of control and nothing seemed to work. In one session with Gretchen, I learned so much! She helped me see that I had CHOICE and that I could do anything I wanted. If you are sick of trudging through your days, hating your 9-5, and feel like life is happening to you, work with Gretchen. It is the BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES! 
 Leslie B. Life coaching client
“Gretchen offered a one-hour training on how we [humans] think. It was an interesting training and engaging. The huge change was how that one training affected and improved my relationship with my adult kids! Her techniques, tips, training and support transformed our strained relationship to positive and supportive!”
 Allison B. 



Human Resources Specialist
Integrated Wellness Coach
Organisation Development Expert
Performance Development Coach

Jennifer Joy Johnson is an accredited integrative life coach. Specializing in learning to love your independence, be brave, overcome social fears, and enjoy your own damn company!
As much success as Jennifer experienced in her life and career, she found herself always feeling like there was something missing and something flawed within her. She really, never believed that she was lovable and often felt empty. She felt she was living life with a veneer on the surface and people couldn’t “see” her for who she really was.
As many people experience--what really changed for Jennifer was a terrible relationship! Now that sounds awful, but it was the experience that would lead Jennifer to her own personal peace. She even learned to love a highly unlovable situation. And she finally found her safety within herself!
Because of Jennifer’s personal and career experience she has been able to develop a six-step method that provides insights and experiences that help people find practical tools to uncover breakthroughs.
There is no single road to finding how to love yourself, how to be brave and to not fear loneliness and abandonment. It is through trial and error, humor, imperfection, humility, authenticity, and forgiveness that you find peace.
Once Jennifer really believed that it was truly, and purely an internal fix is when she realized she could start to meet people where they are to help them along the path to finding their peace. Jennifer helps people who want to feel safe and happy with themselves. Whether they are in a relationship, have families, or are completely on their own!
Jennifer has spent 25 years working successfully with individuals in the workplace with a mission to help people change behavior to improve their work and home life. She is also a certified corporate consultant who works with Corporations to embrace cultural change and build better leaders!



Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach
The Rebel Genius

Kashish Parikh-Chopra, JD, MBA is an entrepreneur and mindset coach based out of Washington, DC. 

From beauty queen to business, she started her career as Miss India USA's Miss Congeniality 2003. 

As the first openly gay woman to hold her title, Kashish dedicated herself to helping individuals find confidence and a voice in society. 

For over 15 years, she has crafted her lessons on success into a mindset method - The Rebel Genius Method - and works with early-stage founders and entrepreneurs to seize their true potential, recognize their inner genius, and take unapologetic action to level-up their goals.



Practicing wellness Chiropractor in Utica, Michigan

Dr. Keith Brennan is a devout Christian and a father of two beautiful children. While finishing up school at Michigan State University he had to overcome panic attacks. He has grown through life circumstances and practice into a strong believer in focusing more on making progress than trying to achieve perfection. Dr. Keith has grown in his faith over the past few years, especially since going through a divorce. He can speak to through the grace of God coming out the other side with his children, himself, and his ex relationship being stronger then Ever!! Dr. Keith is a strong advocate for using the experiences and relationships in life to help others and to help oneself grow and create a Better Life. He enjoys motivating others to become the best version of themselves by helping them gain confidence through progress and results!!!
Dr. Keith Brennan is a practicing wellness Chiropractor in Utica, Michigan.
Fitness and sports have always been a major part of his life. While at MSU he was introduced to chiropractic and since he already was human biology pre-med and wanted to help people. The idea of doing this through health and wellness was very exciting!! So he moved to South Carolina to attend Sherman College and graduated at the top of his class. Along the journey he has witnessed an increasing amount of stress affecting his patients and people around him lives. Figuring out the why behind health in any area of life has become his passion!!
Dr Keith is currently starting a platform of pros and experts to further the access to help for others The 7 Components to A Joyfilled Life Faith, Family, Football, Food, Friends, Fitness, Fun to be launched Summer 2020!!




Business Coach
Marketing Strategist

Jeff has been a life-long entrepreneur. 

"As a coach my goals are straight forward. 

I help individuals develop a powerful mindset to help them grow and achieve their biggest dreams.

With entrepreneurs and serious business owners I help them to get more clients, close more sales and start marketing more effectively."




Feminine Self-Confidence Coach
IMbuilding Specialist
Founder Of Feminine Revival 

My journey began when I left Ukraine – very young – for Paris where I was a fashion model for 20 years. In 2009, I moved again, this time to New York City. Life seemed perfect…
Then… breast cancer. It changed my life. After treatment, I became cancer free, but the cancer treatment had side effects, which the world could not see: self-doubt, lack of feminine self-confidence, loss of interest in sex. My femininity seemed to be slipping away. I needed a way to believe in myself again, to reawaken my sensuality, to recover the many pleasures of being a women.
My search led me back overseas, where I discovered a program called IMbuilding. IMbuilding is not just a technique for training a woman’s most intimate muscles, but her whole body. It’s an entirely new way of looking at yourself to improve your health and the quality of intimate relationships.
With daily practice, my body began to respond to IMbuilding in a surprisingly short time. My desire awoke: for sensuality, for sex, for love.
This was truly a life changing experience for me and I soon realized I wanted to share this with other women. I dedicated myself to learning more about IMbuilding and how it’s used to address and improve so many different challenges faced by women of all ages. I became a certified instructor and made it my goal to bring this technique to the United States through my mission of Feminine Revival. Now, more and more women are experiencing the amazing benefits of this program, just as I did – and they are sharing their positive experiences, too.
Feminine Revival brings a new, or renewed, level of fulfillment to women, helping them to reconnect with their essential femininity. This is now my life’s work and I feel honored to share something so powerful and so positive to women everywhere.




Neurolanguage®️Coach and Trainer/Life Coach
Founder of Power Talk

Sharon is a California expat, who has been living with her husband and two children in Germany for almost 30 years. 

She is a certified Neurolanguage® Coach & Trainer, Life Coach, and entrepreneur, who has worked in the corporate and private sectors for over 10 years. 

Most recently, she has launched her online business Language & Life Coaching by Sharon including Power Talk, a conversation course which offers non-native English learners a chance to overcome their fear, gain confidence, and improve their speaking skills by connecting with others in a fun and interesting way.


As a business owner and coach, I came to Sharon for coaching to help me discover my coaching niche. Through her powerful questioning, insight, and observations, I was able to gain clarity on my niche. I appreciate Sharon’s friendly and supportive approach and truly enjoy our sessions. Sharon, thank you so much for all our help!

Sharon O. , United Kingdom
I am so happy that Sharon was my language/life coach! It was so important for me to find the right person to guide me in my transition period. She quickly helped me to define the next steps in my professional growth and development. So I had the added bonus to practice my English during our sessions and her feedback.
Sharon's coaching questions and recommendations are so powerful and strong! Her guidance shows me how to stay focused on my growth. I remember my "Aha" moments from each session and how they change my thoughts and beliefs. I feel more confident, confident, and focused on my future goals, and without any anxiety or conflicts. My everyday life is happier as I move forward. Sharon's feedback during each session is very important and incredibly supportive. It has helped me a lot.
Elena K., Russia
Sharon’s coaching helped me to go deeper and gain the courage to make some important decisions that required me to go out of my comfort zone. Facing my fears became easier for me, and I grew in ways I had never imagined.
Gabi S., Germany
I really appreciate Sharon’s intuitive ability to ask powerful questions that led to discovery and a new version of myself both at my job and in my personal life.
Bettina S., Germany



Christian Mindset Coach
Founder God’s Girl Rising Coaching
Knowledge Business Broker
Reality Show Contestant with the Higdon Group/Season One

At a very young age Vicki was a bus ministry child that devoted her life to serving God. 

She worked from home for many years to take care of her children, husband and work in her church as a deacon’s wife, youth worker, and missions’ worker helping and counseling many individuals with the word of God

Vicki is a retired school teacher, turned Entrepreneur and Christian Mindset Coach helping women plagued with negative thoughts due to rejection and abuse. 

Vicki has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and draws on her own history of rejection, abuse, negative thoughts, and severe depression to show women how God heals emotional wounds and helps them walk in the purpose He intended. 

She is now walking with purpose, listening to her heavenly father and helping women believe they can overcome their pain through biblical strategies. Yes, God has strategies! 

Becoming an Entrepreneur and meeting and working with some of the biggest influencers in the world has emboldened her purpose to help other women. 

In 2019, she was chosen to participate in the first Network Marketing reality show “Play to Win.” She has been blessed to have great mentors and opportunities to change her life and journey. 

Vicki is grateful, blessed, and joyfully living intentionally one step at a time.



Mindset and Lifestyle Coach
Nature-Body-Mind-Soul Connection Expert

Have always been a "follower of the heart". While in university, trying to figure out what I wanted to be I started coaching figure skating, my childhood passion. This turned into a 21 year career as an international fiigure skating coach,. I coached in Canada, Germany and the US at local clubs. I love seeing my students go beyond what they believe is possible.
The figure skating career took me to the Canadian Rockie Mountains where I fell in love with the amazing nature and hiking in these majestic mountains. I became a hiking guide and later a life coach.
I love guiding walkers from all over the world connecting them with some of the purest spaces on the planet and in doing so I connect them with the pure spaces within themselves.


Your work and exercise you did with me on my 5 passions changed my whole outlook
on life and the direction I was heading. I had been working with a career coach on goals and objectives in line with my mission but until I did the passion exercise with you I had no clue where my goals came from or if they were right to me. The #1 passion on my list is what determined my move back home. I highly recommend anyone needing some direction to contact Terri...she will definitely help.



Life Coach 
Public Speaker

Nithilan Karunakaran (Nik) is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Public Speaker. 

After being through severe depression and anxiety for 7 years, he found his path out of his "mental jungle" as he calls it. 

His passion is now to help people navigate through their mental jungles, inspire and guide them to live their best life on the other side of fear.




Empowerment and Relationship Coach
Knowledge Business Broker
Strategic Intervention Life Coach at New Zest 4 Life

Svetlana is an empowerment and relationship coach well known for effectively helping professional women suffering from stress and anxiety while going through some challenging transition in life to heal on a deep level and alleviate stress by giving them tools to reclaim their true self, and live a more fulfilling, balanced and productive life.

Svetlana is a certified Master Life Coach and Relationship Coach trained in Strategic Intervention masterful coaching techniques by (Anthony) Robbins-Madanes Training and Center for Strategic Intervention, world recognized life coaching schools:.

With many other coaching, energy psychology and spirituality tools under her belt for creating a positive change, Svetlana’s 90 days program is helping successful professional women reduce stress, heal on a deep level, a create a deeply meaningful life, enjoying better health, more love and deeper happiness.

Svetlana is also a published poet and blogger, and a co-author of the book Aspire Awaken Actualise (published in 2015).

From her home base in Toronto, Svetlana helps women across the globe live a balanced life of purpose, deeper happiness and success. She has worked with well-known artists and specializes in working with women.


Better self understanding

When I started Inspired Life coaching program with Svetlana, I didn’t know I was going to embark in one of the most beautiful journeys of my life. Svetlana is very professional and passionate about her work. Without her I would never be able to discover why my relationships with man never had been happy and healthy. She has helped me better understand myself, become confident and open my heart to others.
She has been an awesome encouragement and support for the start-up of my own business. She’s taught me to do more of what I love and trust my internal compass!
Svetlana persuaded me coaching can help as long as you are open to try her method. I wish everyone could meet a coach like her and make their dreams a reality.

Miryana, Project Manager, Toronto

Self empowerment

To give me the gift of a changed perspective was more than I ever could have hoped for when I first started coaching with Svetlana. I was going through a very hard period in my life not so long ago and with her coaching me I was able to handle and overcome my panic attacks and some other issues I was dealing with. Svetlana’s availability and dedication to your progress are excellent, but it goes so much further than that. The compassion she offers is unparalleled because her active listening style makes you feel understood, and then she works with you to find the tools you need for self-improvement and growth. Knowing how rare this type of relationship is, I could not be more thankful for what she has taught me about myself. Make that call! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Gaga NZ, Tucson

Stop sabotaging

I really loved working with Svetlana! When I started working with her I had a health issue that I felt was caused by some emotional misbalance and also had an on-going pattern of the relationships struggle. Svetlana was able to identify my blind-spots in both areas and clear away these sabotaging patterns. It is like she sees the whole mechanism and can fine-tune the right gear for everything to work smoothly again. What I really loved is that she gave me very practical easy-to-apply directives to incorporate into my routine daily which created immediate shift for me! Not only I started feeling stronger, healthier, more joyful and grounded, I also have started a healthy relationship that I’m very happy in. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking for someone to trust and work on themselves at a deeper level!!!

Viktoryia Urukova, Toronto



Stella Olivia Kikoyo
Strategic Intervention Executive Life Coach
Senior University Lecturer, Tutor, CIM
Chartered Marketer
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
SEDA Qualified.

Stella has over 17 years of experience as a lecturer (Business and Marketing) at the London Metropolitan University in the UK and Makerere University in Uganda East Africa; and is also a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Tutor. Stella is Founder and CEO of 360Stellar CTC – Coaching, Training and Consultancy. She is also Founder of IWAW a women’s networking club with a focus on enhancing women’s personal and professional growth and development. She also runs a children’s reading club – Let’s Read comprising of children 7-9 year olds. Stella is married and a mother.
Stella is passionate about inspiring personal and professional growth especially in women. Her passion for inspiring and growth in others started from childhood, having been raised as the first born of eight children. Stella always aimed high and wanted all her siblings and friends to rise up and achieve great results. Stella believes that everyone can achieve what he or she sets out to achieve. She believes that we are all limitless. We are only limited by our own belief system from which we create meanings that develop into fears that eventually sabotage our achievement. Her philosophy is “if she or he can, so can I” and this extends to everyone. She empowers students to believe in themselves and coaches them to find their inner strength and get to their desired results. The same approach is extended to her coaching and training practice. Stella focuses on one’s deeper needs or desires, values and strengths from which a foundation is built into positive mindsets which in the end enables the individual to believe in themselves, achieve their desires and become fulfilled. Her own mind is direct by Tony Robbins’ quote “where focus goes energy flows.” Check in right now. Where is your focus?
Stella speaks and trains on various topics relating to personal and professional development. She covers mindfulness and presence, overcoming fear, vision boards, mindsets, goal setting, reflection and reflective practice etc. Stella also collaborates with other professional and businesswomen and provides more comprehensive personal and professional development trainings and events for the IWAW club. She develops and delivers bespoke business trainings that focus on marketing and business development in different disciplines like Law.
Stella is due to publish a book that is co-authored with a colleague Tanya Tumbeva ‘Fear, its limitation and how to overcome it.’
Stella loves reading, walking, swimming, socializing, and dancing.

Academic and Professional Qualifications
BBA, MSC Marketing, PDip Marketing, MA Higher Education UK
Trained with Robbins Madanes Training center
Knowledge Broker and Master Mind professional.


Having meet you then becoming my coach, and helping me to realise that I have potential and that self-development is my saviour.
Yes, this is my main WIN for 2019


I would say a Big Thank you to you!!
I've started my interior design course, I am growing confidence in my swim lessons and also I am managing my time carefully without pressure. 

 I have gained a lot of ideas and fun from this workshop. It has inspired me a lot and I will come back again if I get the opportunity. I will recommend the workshop to others. 

Cynthia. O
 It was a very educational session and I learnt a lot about what I can do with my mind.
Also the Vision Boards activity was fun packed. 

Sue. C.
Very stimulating and eye-opening workshop! Would be great for young adults and teenagers as well. Thank you so much for awakening my inner child. Stimulating self awareness and discovery. 

Aisha. O



Coaching in Project Management, Change Management, Agile Transformation and Self Leadership

With over 30 years of successful delivery of IT-development, transition and transformation projects in his career, Kaj Backholm is a seasoned project manager who has sought to increase project maturity level for his employers and customers. It all comes down to understanding the why, to set clear goals and to inspire and motivate project team members to produce desirable results that meet or exceed business goals, while maintaining a healthy sustainable work environment free from negative stress.
Kaj received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and started his IT career in 1984 as a development engineer. He took on management training and roles and started his project manager career 1990. Kaj received his first IPMA project management certification in 2003 and has maintained it since then. Kaj also has several trainings in group development, interpersonal relations, leadership and communication from Swedish Armed Forces and Dale Carnegie.
Kaj formed his first consulting business in 1994 and has been self employed for the major part of his career. Today Kaj operates in his own company BOSS AB delivering operational project management, change management, agile transformation, self leadership and coaching.
Kaj lives in Stockholm with his wife and has 3 grown up children. Kaj practices daily work-out and is also bass player in an 11-man soul band.



Expert In Clinical Research And Drug Development
Strategist With Focus On Relationships, Founder And CEO, Success Within Reach!  USA 
Dr. Mazhar is a Pakistani American and is lovingly called Dr-G by her patients, followers, and clients. She is a Physician with a background in internal medicine, psychiatry and a research fellowship in neuroscience in the field of addiction. Her expertise is in understanding the human mind, emotions, and behavior. She became independent at a very young age when her father, who was also her best friend passed away. He was a father who believed in her and was an advocate of women's education and empowerment. In their short 15 and half years together, he gave her all the confidence, insight, love and trust that was humanly possible. Although she was shaken by this life event, her emotional strength helped her see the beauty in life and the possibilities life has to offer. She also understood family responsibilities which were now on her young shoulders. The way her life has shaped affirmed what her dad always believed in: ‘the importance of women education and empowerment. She set an example of what could be possible by simultaneously managing her father’s business, while she was still studying in medical school. After graduating from medical school, she was selected on merit by Pakistan Military’s Women Wing Medical Core. Since then she had a mission of empowering women from all walks of life, whether it is a CEO of a company, a pilot or a cleaning lady. As a clinician, she has helped hundreds of women suffering from traumas of mental and physical abuse, by teaching them to tap into their potentials, gifts and personal power. She presented possibilities for women who couldn’t work outside of their homes due to a lack of education and other resources in the underserved areas of Pakistan.
In 1998, she founded a program with a vision of one girl one family for those who had a dream but no financial means to fulfill it. This program selects one girl each from families of underprivileged and sponsors them for the professional education of their choice. There are only three requirements to qualify. A competitive score on the entrance test to the school of their choice, a promise to complete their education and to sponsor two girls in the program after when they are established in their careers. This program has produced seventy-two professional young Pakistani women in the last 21 years and will continue to do so.
She is passionate about empowering people and communities and in 2017 founded Success Within Reach; A Strategic Intervention (SI) Coaching Platform, which offers a dynamic style of life coaching to help individuals, groups and organizations to take action towards achieving different results by creating permanent and lasting changes. Her message to everyone is “Next time you have a situation that seems difficult to entangle, remember that there is a way to find the most valuable solution you are looking for.”


Dr g is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great changes and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. I highly recommend! 

 Brian Freeman, FL 
All I can say is WOW!!
Dr G is one of the best in the business. As a doctor and expert in people’s behaviour and mind, she is generous with her knowledge and constructively critical in her praise. As my business coach she taught me to think outside the box and to listen to my heart whenever my head got in the way. My sessions with Dr G opened up new resonances in communicative skills and has changed the way that I work and interact with others. My work requires me to, make my guests comfortable and to open up during my TV shows. Dr G coached me how to maintain that flow in conversation and how to keep it genuine and interesting. She doesn’t advise you but she has a remarkable capability to bring out your most authentic self to find the solutions ( which I didn’t know existed within me). Just after 5 sessions I feel that I am capable of finding my own way around. So be prepared to do the work, as she will teach you how to fish rather than keep you dependant on her. Anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level I would suggest talk to Dr-G. 

 Nichole Perkins, NY
Dr. Ghazala helped me at a critical time in my life. I was having an extreme amount of anxiety that was keeping me paralyzed and wasn't allowing me to perform my studies and extracurricular activities as I needed to. However, after a few sessions with Dr. Ghazala, I was able to overcome my stressors and finish off my semester strong. I highly recommend her to anyone who's going through a tough time.

Shehroz Kazmi, TN
Hi, I am Gloria and I am a nurse by profession.Working with Dr g for 8 months was life changing. I think very few medical doctors have stepped into the area of life coaching. And I can tell a visible difference in a way my problems were handled by this doctor/coach as I have previously used other coaching services.Going into my mid 40's I came to her to seek help in building the next chapter in my career. What I didn't expect is that I needed guidance in my personal life as well. Every session was therapeutic and eye opening, however I had to work at it everyday to see the results and improvements. The homework Dr g assigned during each session were relevant to push me forward, to get me to the place I needed to be and feel positive. She has a gift to closely listen, and be able to tap into your inner thoughts and pin point the root cause and encouraged my abilities to formulate ways to work through difficulties. I've grown spiritually and healed mentally from our sessions. I'm a better person today through dr g’s dedication and willingness to push me forward even on days I was struggling. Words and expression on this review does not serve justice to what I learned and experienced and to take away permanent positive changes and apply it to my daily. I was ready and willing to make changes in my life - Dr g was there to guide me in the right direction. She impacted my life in ways I did not expect, she provided knowledge and skills her business page did not describe; ultimately the sessions were above and beyond my expectations. She will be a part of my life as I continue to grow as a person. Thank you and love you Dr g 

Gloria Smith, London UK



Health and Wellness coach with an emphasis on Empowerment and Life coaching
Maxwell is 28 years old, lives in Denver Colorado and strives to live a life of fun, balance and purpose. He currently works as a Health and Wellness coach with an emphasis on Empowerment and Life coaching. Graduated from Western State Colorado University With Bachelors in Psychology and Mathematics, he has had the opportunity to work as a “Big Brother” to some of the communities “High Risk” youth. He has worked as a coach in many different fields ranging from Snowboard coach to Martial Arts instructor and has a natural talent for teaching and sharing what he is passionate and experienced in. 



Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

I’m a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship coach. My two main areas are Female Sexuality and Woman Empowerment. I help women find their sexual desire back, work through self-limiting beliefs, blockages, inner wounds that impact the relationship with themselves, and others.
My culture, religious background, and upbringing led me to feel shame and guilt for almost all my life. Being interested in learning about sex, sexual activity, or understanding anything about pleasure has caused me to feel so much guilt that I found a period of being totally numb to any sensations. I went through years of study where I learned embodiment practices that work with the subconscious mind, such as meditation, visualization, and breathwork and decided to get certified to coach women who are going through similar situations with me.
Now my passion is to help women fall in love with themselves and find how connecting with their bodies through body-delicious activity, play, and visualization results in deep inner power and self-esteem.


"I'm a coach myself, and I can honestly say that Indira is a masterful coach who blends both her skills and her life experience to guide clients through some of their deepest and most powerful transformations. " 

- KF
"Your heart energy was palpable and even though I had never met you before and wasn't sure what to expect I felt safe and comfortable working with you." 

- AC
"I feel like the work is continuing to unfold and has opened up to recognizing and beginning a healing process around old wounds of unworthiness connected to my inner feminine." 

- SP



Life&Relationship Coach
Knowledge Business Broker
Funnel Builder
Raw Vegan Transformation Specialist

Jana Sneeweisova is from the Czech Republic and is a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach (RMT – Robbins Madanes Training Centre) and a relationship coach.
Her passion is helping other women to discover their true selves, to empower them so that they can find their own passions and follow their dreams. Nothing makes Jana happier than seeing the face of the woman after experiencing her “AHA” moment during a coaching session.

Jana believes that happiness stands on two legs – a life purpose and relationships. That’s why she enjoys working with couples on their journey towards a better and more fulfilled relationship.

Jana has been a raw vegan for more than 6 years and she developed a set of tools to help people transition to a raw vegan lifestyle – The Raw Energy Secrets.

Jana’s coaching journey started when she was young. She was often approached by other female friends and family members asking her for advice. One important phone call 3 years ago was key in her decision to transition into a professional coaching career, instead of the one she had as a brand manager. It happened when one of her best friends called her telling her she had stage 3 breast cancer. She wanted Jana to advise her on an alternative medical approach (another one of Jana’s passions) and to be coached throughout this life challenging situation. Today, Jana’s friend is cancer-free, and as a result Jana has become a certified life and relationship coach devoted to helping other women to feel happy and empowered.
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"Jana has changed my entire life perspective. I was always restless and anxious before I started the coaching program with Jana. Now I know what I want and what my life purpose is. Not only I am fulfilled, but I am much more positive around my kids and husband now" 

Sona P.
"I was going through a really rough time of my life when I decided to ask Jana for help. I was diagnosed with terminal stage of cancer. I am a mother of three. I wanted to survive. Jana transitioned me to a raw vegan lifestyle which gave me such an energy boost that I could walk on the "cancer path" with grace and dignity.
I needed to make some major decisions regarding my relationship with my husband but mainly with myself. Jana was and always is there for me. Thanks to Jana I perceive this experience as a personal growth journey and I am grateful for it." 

Edita K.
"I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was 16 and had a traumatic life experience. Ever since then I was always under pressure. With Jana's tools, the first time in my adult life, I feel I have full control over my life. I hadn't had a panic attack for months and my relationship with my husband has improved dramatically." 

Michaela B.
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